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naturaNature’s EQ (Nature’s Equilibrium) is a home for Naturopaths where all the natural techniques and integrated systems of health come together.

__Our ethos is to bring equilibrium to our mind, body and spirit using a range of natural techniques and methods to help us evolve into the complete person we were intended to be__ We take pride in hosting the finest professionals in the field who are passionate about their work and in making a difference in the community’s health. Nature’s EQ also organizes specific natural techniques workshops, courses and seminars. Please have a look in our website to view the upcoming ones.


What is Naturopathy?
aromaterapia copia

In Spain Naturopathy is the name given to the whole range of alternative and complementary thechniques.Naturopathy is a traditional system of health that takes the whole-person (mind, body and spirit connection) approach to healing.

It is an effective form for a whole range of conditions helping to facilitate a sense of well-being.

Also, Naturopaths believe on the inherited mechanism to resist health imbalances, together with its self-regulatory and recovery properties to heal itself.

Furthermore, this traditional system believes on prevention, stressing promotion of health by addressing users’ education and self- responsibility.

The gentle methods employed boost the body natural healing capacity, restoring harmony and therefore, the healing potential of the body.