Cosmetic acupuncture

Técnica indolora y natural para reducir la aparición de arrugas y apoyar a un cutis sano  Basada en los principios de la Medicina China, el rejuvenecimiento facial mediante acupuntura es una técnica … Continue reading


Técnica de la Medicina Tradicional China que trabaja directamente con el sistema energético humano Empleada desde hace más de 3.000 años, se basa en la inserción de agujas muy finas en … Continue reading


Estimulación de la aurícula del oído externo para aliviar desequilibrios de salud en otras partes del cuerpo  Método empleado en la Medicina China Tradicional,  variante de la Acupuntura, que consiste en la … Continue reading



Essential oils on the skin to calm your mind, body and soul The use of fragrances and pure plant essential oils in order to affect or improve a person’s mood … Continue reading



A naturopathic Indian method to restore system balance using a number of skills Traditional, ancient Hindu system which is based on customs, beliefs and practices of the Hindu culture and … Continue reading



The science and technique of magnetic fields to produce improvement Based on both, the fact that the human body functions as a magnetic system and the pursuit of human imbalances … Continue reading

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Gentle manipulation of the lymphatic system to encourage self-renewal of your body It is a gentle form of connective tissue manipulation that focuses on stimulating and supporting the function and … Continue reading

Flower essences

esencias florales

Floral extracts to balance body and mind Aqueous extracts of fresh flowers from various plants chosen for their effects on specific mental or emotional symptoms, combined with a preservative substance; … Continue reading



Natural system that helps to restore health and harmony to your body and mind Naturopathic method that works under similar principles of vaccinations (by treating ‘like with like’), in which … Continue reading



Preventative technique and assessment tool based on the marks of the eyes. Iridology pin points weaknesses in the body using the eye, mainly the iris, to evaluate and avoid health … Continue reading


Through muscle testing it can reprogram the body to recover and equilibrate itself Evaluating system and method whose centerpiece is muscle testing, which enables the practitioner to  detect specific dysfunctions. … Continue reading



The healing power of nature to restore our body and mind Traditional system that sustains users must be treated as a whole (mind, body and spirit) and not as a … Continue reading

Food Naturopathy


Promoting optimum health, peak performance, imbalances prevention Naturopaths specialised in food believe that you are what you eat. The recommendations tend to use individual active constituents, in the form of … Continue reading



Restore balance through tiny quantities of minerals Minerals normally found in the human body are crucial to the correct procedure of the metabolic replies of all organisms. Thus, when there’s … Continue reading



Gaining structural integrity of the body through manipulation Osteopathy is a system of evaluation and method that uses gentle techniques to achieve and maintain mobility in the spine and joints, … Continue reading

Neuro Linguistic Programming

programación neurolinguistica

It is the science of modeling the patterns of human behaviors A technique based on a reciprocal relationship between a person’s behavior and the external manifestations of his personality. NLP … Continue reading


Alleviates, prevents discomfort, promotes wellness Technique in which the body surface is manipulated, what includes holding, causing movement, and/or applying pressure to the body, for the purposes of affecting the … Continue reading


A manual technique, including joint adjustment and manipulation A system that seeks to utilize the recuperative powers of the body and the relationship between the musculoskeletal structures and functions of … Continue reading



A technique that works the body by using the reflex points in the hands and feet Manipulations of body tissues where firm and rhythmic pressure is applied to reflex points … Continue reading


Enable the body to regain its inner balance A natural hands-on system originated in Japan. Reiki works on all levels of a person: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, to restore … Continue reading


A traditional hands-on Japanese technique A hands-on technique that uses the power of touch, pressure and stretches; this works on the body’s systems to enable the person to connect with … Continue reading