Most naturopathic techniques would take around 1 hour for their initial consultation, so that a complete healthcare evaluation can take place.

Each consultation is based on flexibility and individuality, as naturopaths attempt to find out ‘not what is wrong with the client’, but ‘why it is wrong’. Thus the user is examined as a whole and not as individual parts.

__Strong attention may be given to diet, lifestyle, environmental and emotional issues depending on the thechnique, where a relation may be found to the client’s structure and function. __


Furthermore, interrogation about family background is taken only if there is a relation in past/present symptoms and/or methods.

Depending on the naturopathic techniques, a physical examination may take place and at times some evaluating tools may be used such as Iridology or Kinesiology, to help with the assessment.
Recommendations and monitoring of the client’s progress will be recorded to evaluate and assess further needed naturopathic methods.