Craniosacral Therapy

craneosacral terapia

A non-invasive hands-on technique to reach balance physiologically and psycho-emotionally

The practitioner focuses on listening to the fundamental rhythms expressed throughout the body in the tissues and fluids, allowing the body’s natural wisdom to emerge and produce the relevant changes to the system. The sensitive hands of the practitioner become the catalyst for these changes to take place, where health is supported and the natural reorganisation of the system is facilitated. This technique works at the core of our system, so the benefits of its work are endless. It can help support the immune system, digestive problems, nervous system, hormonal issues, and emotional and physical strains and trauma.

It can be very effective in different conditions such as back pain, muscular problems, allergies, digestive, hormonal and emotional disorders, migraine, ME, sciatic pain, … among others. It is particularly effective in babies, children and pregnant women.
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