Welcome to Nature’s EQ!


Every goal and dream we chase, becomes our aim to put our efforts and emphasis to give  shape and make it happen. “Welcome to Nature’s EQ” is the title of this beginning, where we have directed so much energy and enthusiasm to make it happen.

Mi name is Silvia Candamil Neira and Nature’s EQ is my lifetime goal. For the last couple of decades, I have researched, studied and practiced around the world as a Naturopathic Physician (Westminster University-London), Biodynamic Cranioscral T., Iridologist, Kinesiologist and Yoga teacher. At the beginning of the year, I decided it was time to create a space to put into practice one of my ethos:

“It is not what you achieve, but what you help others to achieve”

It will be my pleasure to show you how to relate to health from a different angle, sometimes unexpected and always rigorous, with the help of the experienced professionals and enthusiastic specialists. Together, we will aim to make health part of our habit, leaning on the versatile number of options that Naturopathy has to offer. Collaboration is important, if not essential and by this I am not just referring to the enriched expert advise, but to all of you on the other side (the users, your complaints and your experience to come out of a difficult state of mind of physical condition).

I’m writing from my own personal experience and this includes as much the mistakes as the positive results. Often, we ignore our own body wisdom, that one which sends us signals and alerts us when something is not working quite right, the one which rewards us with wellness when we treat it how it deserves: a holistic being made of body, mind and spirit.

I would like Nature’s EQ to be a place for everyone to join in regardless of their condition, age or complaint. Come and visit us to recover, improve or strengthen your health. You are all welcome.

Without hesitation, it is the place where I would go to help me gain my optimum health

As the opening date is getting closer (the coming 10th September), more people is asking me if everything is ready. My instant answer is “I can’t wait to start!”. It looks like the answer doesn’t answer the question, or does it? It is based in the experience previously mentioned, the one that makes me think that there is still something to be done, place or adjust. I know everything will be ready once we will hear for the first time “thank you, I’m feeling better”. Only then, we will all be ready, You and Us.

Looking forward to seeing you in Nature’s EQ again!

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